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The Advent of Content Managers

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Content Managers appeared one day, when it became evident that there was more to websites than flashy graphics and hard coding. On that day organizations realized that websites had to communicate with users, and not just catch their eye. And, when they tried to put their communication strategies into words, they realized that the traditional figures weren’t really useful anymore: most copywriters (and rightfully so) needed a confined frame (format) and an exhaustive brief to deliver their work, and they couldn’t be held responsible for the whole editorial plan.

Did I just say “editorial”? Did I just use a term coming from the last ice age?

Yes, I did. In a world where “publishing” has become a synonym with “hitting a button”, we tend to forget that, in order to “communicate” effectively, you need a plan. Communicators draw the strategic lines, but someone has to turn those lines into practical guidelines, make them into a structure, and only then put content in it. A good Content Manager is able to analyze the overall communication goals and come up with a plan about a) what should be told (content) and b) how (format/structure).

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Written by Paola

January 28, 2008 at 12:45 pm