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The Long-lost Art of Conversation

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It sounds very old-fashioned, doesn’t it? And yet, there’s nothing more actual for a business than being able to converse in a highly noisy environment such as information today. It is quite possibly the biggest challenge to face.

We have it all: traditional media, new media, social networks. Everybody talks. But is anybody listening? My answer would be: yes, and no.

If we still think about companies as broadcasters, isolated in their ivory web-tower, waiting for users to eagerly land on their splash page (sorry, a bad bad memory from late 90s), the answer is obviously: no. Teh interwebs have drastically changed, and now information flows through RSS or API rather than through HTML. A change of mentality is essential, as well as aknowledging this new user-centered universe: the users have tools to create their own mash-up of information, picking from a large range of providers, and they are not forced to tune in to the source. It is still possible to be a lone broadcaster, mind you. But be prepared to have a product or service that speaks and sells for itself.

I shall tell more: not only companies must be able to bring their message out of their (comfort) corporate context, but they must learn to converse in that different context, using different registers, and adapting their style to the digital venue where the conversation is taking place. Can the Content Manager be of any help? Obviously. In the planning stages, they will define which venues are interesting enough to be attended, and the kind of conversation the company should be engaged in; in the day-to-day activities, these conversations should become one of the deliverables, always carefully scheduled, checked and updated; in digital venues like Facebook that let page administrators track some metrics, they will adapt or change the conversation, or even include new interlocutors, according to the results.

Whatever the case, it is crucial that those conversations are not left going unattended.

Written by Paola

September 29, 2008 at 9:01 am

« Chaud devant ! » (aka Glossary’s Served)

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That’s what you hear in a kitchen when a hot plate is coming through. And that reminds me too that I have to talk about that little space before the exclamation mark (yes, it’s not a typo, it’s French punctuation). OK, we’ll have a little rant about localizations later on.

For now I’m glad to give you a brand new page, where I’m noting down the most frequently used words and locutions. It’s a work in progress, so don’t expect to see it finished one day. But it will be constantly enriched, I can promise that.

Written by Paola

September 20, 2008 at 11:20 am